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Joan Sullivan Joan Sullivan, the founder and President of Approval Reverse Mortgage holds an advanced accounting degree, and had worked in various lending capacities in the Colorado banking industry for over 11 years before forming her own mortgage company in 1999. She incorporated Approval First Home Loans, DBA, Approval Reverse Mortgage in March of 2000 and made the decision early on to keep the company small so that clients would receive personal attention. Learn More

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A few of the many testimonials we have received

"(Steve Watson) ...in mid-March, I was laid off by the company I had worked for for 20 years. Because of our reverse mortgage, there is virtually no stress regarding paying a mortgage. We have a wonderful sense of security. We bless the day we met you!" Millie and Richard, Denver, CO
"...I also want to way a big thanks to Duane Hahn for his help. For all of you who live in Longmont, CO. Look up Duane. What he tells you---you can take to the bank. Boy it sure feels good to be able to do some things that you thought you could never do. Now we can." Bob and Lois, Longmont, CO
"Joan Sullivan is a terrific person. She made it so easy to go through the process. This was the easiest home loan we've ever been through. We will refer our friends to her." Merle and Barbara, Colorado Springs, CO
"Steve was great! A professional, helpful in "hearing" my thought process. Thank you." Frances, Aurora, CO
"Joan, you made it possible for me to celebrate (Christmas). Thank you so much. Susan, you are also included". Jeanne, AZ
"I was blessed to have Duane see me through this, and he has been helpful along the way."Virginia, Longmont, CO
"We are so glad that you were the one we did business with. It was a very pleasant experience to have someone like you. Thank you for everything".Bill & Patti, CO
"Dear Joan, Thank you for your most satisfying letter of December 15 which surely did answer our questions and give us the peace of mind we needed on both subjects of the insurance and also the better understanding of the credit matter being cleared. Jane, CO
"Let us extend to you, again, our thanks for all that you have done for Elaine and me as we wish you and your's a most wonderful and prosperous new year in 2007!". Lee, CO
"Joan & Susan (it) was a pleasure in dealing with you. Have a great year". Elaine, AZ
"We were very satisfied with all phases of questions and answers. Joan was very polite and concerned". George & Barbara, CO
"Too easy - too professional. I'm waiting for some problem to pop up, but it's not happening!". Tom, Littleton, CO
"Dear Joan, You made the reverse mortgage process go so very well. Thank you so much". Jeanne, AZ
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