Joan Sullivan


Joan Sullivan - Centennial - 303-771-3528
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Joan, using her advanced accounting degree, worked in various lending capacities for over 11 years in the banking industry. She left banking in 1996 to gain broad experience as a mortgage loan originator. She began the Company in 2001 and her skills include Reverse Mortgage and Conventional Mortgage lending.

Since starting the company, Joan has personally helped borrowers with over 350 conventional loans and helped Seniors with well over 100 reverse mortgages.


Sandy Clements - Denver - 303-369-0408
CO MB 100032938 NMLS 320719


Sandy Clements has focused on the reverse mortgage loan program since 1999. After retiring from HUD, Sandy worked as an FHA-approved Home Equity Conversion Mortage (HECM) Counselor. She became a reverse mortgage specialist in 2002 and has helped hundreds of senior homeowners improve or maintain their quality of life utilizing their home.

Sandy has a very strong ethical commitment to providing expert customer service and protection to her customers, while always being respectful and patient.

When Sandy is not working, she is spending time with her children and grandchildren and her interests include travel, reading, and connecting with friends.

Shelly Connelly


Shelly Connelly - Littleton - 720-434-1666
CO MB 100038009 NMLS 404087


Shelly has 16 years of experience originating loans with the last 9 years dedicated soley to Reverse Mortgages. She believes in the product and can't imagine ever going back to regular mortgages.

Shelly has a Gerontology degree from the University of Northern Colorado. She enjoys meeting and working with her borrowers and helping them navigate through the Reverse Mortgage process

Duane Hahn


Duane Hahn - Longmont - 303-651-6007
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Duane has been originating mortgage loans in northern Colorado since 1976. During that time, he has originated in and managed branch offices for nationally known mortgage companies. He started Hahn Mortgage in 1987 and sold it in 1997. Since that time, he has specialized primarily in originating Reverse Mortgages. His passion for the senior population and his commitment to assist Seniors with their financial goals has placed him as one of the top originators in northern Colorado. He meets his clients at their homes and closes their Reverse Mortgages at their residences.

Please call him with any questions you may have. You will be glad you did.

Jackie Hahn


Jackie Hahn - Thornton - 720-434-6887
CO MB 100506691 NMLS 1588665


Jackie has 6 years experience processing Reverse Mortgages and in that time developed a love for what the product can do and population it serves. She and her Father-in-law, Duane Hahn, have joined forces and now originate Reverse Mortgages as a team.

Prior to earning her Mortgage Loan Originator's license, Jackie received a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University and a Paralegal Studies degree. Other than her work in Reverse Mortgages Jackie was a paralegal in a prestigious Denver Labor and Employment firm.

Jackie loves the relationships that she has with her clients and helping them meet their reverse mortgage needs.

Mary Jane Hall


Mary Jane Hall - Greeley - 303-818-3108
CO MB 100053246 NMLS 502135


Mary Jane is a native of Colorado.

She has been in the Banking Industry for over 35 years and for the last 15 years has originated Mortgage Loans.

Mary Jane says "I love people and look forward to meeting my clients to assist them with their financial needs. I can meet you in your home or in my office."

Linda Hansen


Linda Hansen - Littleton - 303-988-2688
CO MB 100015831 NMLS 271522


Linda Hansen is an experienced mortgage lender of over 30 years and a Reverse Mortgage Specialist, using the FHA Reverse Mortgage to help all senior (age 62+) homeowners with their retirement lives and using their home to stay at home. Linda is located in the Metro Denver Area of Colorado and is available to meet you in person to explain and help you with the Reverse Mortgage.

Linda believes the education about the Reverse Mortgage is very important and she conducts a FREE REVERSE MORTGAGE SEMINAR monthly at a local library in the Metro Denver Area. All are invited and you will learn the Who, What, Why, When and How of the FHA Reverse Mortgage. For the dates, times and location of the next seminar please call Linda at 303-988-2688.

Linda spends a considerable amount of time helping each homeowner because the variety of the benefits and uses of the Reverse Mortgage is extensive, and her commitment is to help everyone through the process. Using the Reverse Mortgage, her prior clients have paid off their current mortgage loans, paid other debts, received monthly income, paid medical or dental expenses, traveled, did home improvements, purchased a new home, gifts for loved ones – and all combinations of these benefits.

If your life journey may include the Reverse Mortgage, be sure to call Linda at 303-988-2688 to help guide you.

Stave Watson


Steve Watson - Parker - 303-898-6454
CO MB 100022206 NMLS 234205


Steve is a CPA. He founded Watson & Company, Inc. and was its principal from 1984 to 2003 when he sold the company. Realizing the Reverse Mortgage market was expanding, Steve joined Wells Fargo Bank as a loan officer specializing in reverse mortgages shortly thereafter. Steve feels that reverse mortgages provide real and ongoing advantages for Seniors.

Steve teaches a four-hour class on Reverse Mortgages at Denver University’s Continuing Education Program as well as at the Colorado Free University. In addition offers training at the Jefferson County Board of Realtors and assorted real estate offices.

Visit Steve at his website at

Note: Our Loan Originators no longer act in their previous capacities and neither these individuals nor Approval Reverse Mortgage offer other financial services.

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A few of the many testimonials we have received

"(Steve Watson) mid-March, I was laid off by the company I had worked for for 20 years. Because of our reverse mortgage, there is virtually no stress regarding paying a mortgage. We have a wonderful sense of security. We bless the day we met you!" Millie and Richard, Denver, CO
"...I also want to way a big thanks to Duane Hahn for his help. For all of you who live in Longmont, CO. Look up Duane. What he tells you---you can take to the bank. Boy it sure feels good to be able to do some things that you thought you could never do. Now we can." Bob and Lois, Longmont, CO
"Joan Sullivan is a terrific person. She made it so easy to go through the process. This was the easiest home loan we've ever been through. We will refer our friends to her." Merle and Barbara, Colorado Springs, CO
"Steve was great! A professional, helpful in "hearing" my thought process. Thank you." Frances, Aurora, CO
"Joan, you made it possible for me to celebrate (Christmas). Thank you so much. Susan, you are also included". Jeanne, AZ
"I was blessed to have Duane see me through this, and he has been helpful along the way."Virginia, Longmont, CO
"We are so glad that you were the one we did business with. It was a very pleasant experience to have someone like you. Thank you for everything".Bill & Patti, CO
"Dear Joan, Thank you for your most satisfying letter of December 15 which surely did answer our questions and give us the peace of mind we needed on both subjects of the insurance and also the better understanding of the credit matter being cleared. Jane, CO
"Let us extend to you, again, our thanks for all that you have done for Elaine and me as we wish you and your's a most wonderful and prosperous new year in 2007!". Lee, CO
"Joan & Susan (it) was a pleasure in dealing with you. Have a great year". Elaine, AZ
"We were very satisfied with all phases of questions and answers. Joan was very polite and concerned". George & Barbara, CO
"Too easy - too professional. I'm waiting for some problem to pop up, but it's not happening!". Tom, Littleton, CO
"Dear Joan, You made the reverse mortgage process go so very well. Thank you so much". Jeanne, AZ
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